Making Big Breakthroughs

“How do we continue to [help] the mission of the University grow? This is how we wanted to pay it forward. This gift will outlast all of us.”

— Jit Sinha, son of Professor Bimal Sinha, for whom an endowed professorship has been named

We live in a time of huge challenges and breathtaking discoveries. UMBC people are among those questing for answers previously not thought possible. We know that great leaps forward don’t just happen. To spark creativity, originality, and innovation we need to bring together an inspired mix of people, ideas, opportunities, and resources.

The big breakthroughs also don’t happen overnight. But UMBC people have never shied from hard work. Day in, day out, we like showing up. We like being on the front lines.

Today, UMBC is working in every area from digital storytelling to economic policy to augmented reality to AIDS research to the intelligence and defense industries. With entrepreneurial spirit and an all-in attitude UMBC people have scaled pioneering ideas far beyond what many thought possible. Grit is a huge strength but it only goes so far. Drive and momentum must be fed, renewed, and injected with new resources. This is how we can keep pushing the envelope over the long haul to break through.

Here is just a sample of some of the revolutionary advances within our reach:

  • We can deepen understanding of linguistic and cultural diversity.
  • We can make healthy water systems right here in Baltimore and as far away as rural Kenya.
  • We can break ground with a new higher education community engagement model.
  • We can make wearable and implantable sensors that save lives.
  • We can lead a small satellite revolution and change the way countries do science from space.
  • We can strengthen community coalitions through powerful storytelling projects.
  • We can support emerging entrepreneurs and boost the state’s economy.

But we need your help to do it. Linchpin resources include:

  • Endowed Professorships
  • Graduate and Teaching Assistantships
  • Travel Funds for Faculty and Students
  • Undergraduate Research Stipends
  • Critical Equipment and Infrastructure